Thursday, 24 March 2011

Le Paris, France

Paris, the town of Love, Fashion, Art , Architecture ...
Don't we all dream of Paris.
But I want to show you an other face of Paris.
" Le Paris des Parisiens "


Nation a beautiful part of Paris.
But the thing I love about the "Parisiens" is the fact that they walk all the time, young or old.

Or sit and observe ...

Paris is so elegant ...
I love these buildings "Haussmannien"

And this lady is as elegant and matches perfectly to Paris.

I will be doing a couple of posts about Paris.
This one was just a little introduction.
The next posts will be talking about art, architecture, parisiens ...
I hope you will enjoy !


  1. Hola ELLA!!!! Amo Paris!!!! y bellísimas tus tomas, con estos sutiles contrastes....Me encantaron y espero otras más, de esta ciudad tan plena de sutilezas y glamour. Se perciben en ellas toda la elegancia!Besos, Gloria.

  2. Love you new pictures darling, and love the way you're mixing black and white and colour - so clever!
    Looking forward to the next episode!

  3. Wonderful photos !! I've been to Paris recently and I want to go back :)


  4. I came over from your mother's blog. Paris is such a wonderful city. I've visited several times and love walking the streets. You've shown beautiful glimpses of Paris from a local perspective.

  5. Love the pictures, thank you for showing us a little bit of Paris. For me that I live on the other side of the world, is great to see these pictures.

  6. Oh. Wow. Your pictures are STUNNING! They truly speak to my heart! As I commented a while back on your Mom's blog, I am dreaming of the day that I can go explore La Belle France. En attendant, I have your Mom and now your blog to keep me happy...Thank you!

  7. E...the second and last shots are just wonderful. You have a keen eye. Thank you for the show and tell.....k

  8. Oh how you make me long to be back!
    your pics are outstanding!
    Many fond memories come flooding by...
    thank you.
    Shel form South Africa

  9. I just took a short trip to Paris, while comfortably settled in at my computer desk in Montreal, Canada. Thanks for that.

  10. Hello Ella...came over from your Mum's blog...I think I am going to love this...Dzintra

  11. Oh how divine.thank you for sharing such beautiful pieces of Paris..and a great way to start the day here in Oz :) x

  12. These are lovely photos Ella, capturing a city and it's people so beautifully. Looking forward to your next post.
    Anne xx

  13. These are lovely images Ella and what a fantastic way to spend your year.
    I am in Paris in May and can't wait.

  14. Hello Ella,
    Your photos are so lovely. You've got natural talent. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have a life ahead of you in which you'll learn all you'll need to know. Best wishes.

  15. Salut Ella!
    Bon travail, les photos sont superbes. Du courage! Rome n'a pas ete batie en un jour.