Friday, 25 March 2011

" This is life " de Alexandre Ivonov Kitchev

What I am going to talk about today is very important to me.
I am going to tell you the story of Alexandre.

Alexandre lives on the street.
He is my sort of neighbor like he would say !
Every morning he sits on the bench next to the bakery where I buy my croissants every morning.

Alexandre comes from a little town called Vladiskovovo in Bulgaria.
The first time I saw him was the first day I moved in to my flat.
I was going in to the bakers and he gave a big smile and told me : " Have a good day Mademoiselle "
I thought, what a great smile and a nice thing to say.
So I bought him a croissant and since this day I bought him one every day.
I realized that I enjoyed shaking his hand and chatting with him.

So today I asked him if he would mind me interviewing him and taking a picture.
He answered laughing : " Oh today no problem, I'm not too busy this afternoon !
I'll met you on the bench at two o'clock ! "

Today was a beautiful day in Paris.
And there we were chatting for an hour in the sun.

Me: When did you arrive in France Alexandre ?
Alexandre: I arrived 8 months ago in Paris.

Me: How did you come to France ?
Alexandre: I came on foot with 10 other Bulgarians. It took us a month.
It was a long walk, but I like walking so it's okay.

Me: Why did you come to France ?
Alexandre: You know for business. For money. To find money and send it to my daughters and wife.
I found one little job but it didn't work out. And I had no idea how difficult it was to find lodgings in Paris.

Me: You have a family waiting for you in Bulgaria ? How old are your daughters ?
Alexandre: Yes I have my three little princesses in Bulgaria.
My oldest daughter is 14 and the youngest 9. I miss them very much.
They are so beautiful, bright and sweet. 
Like any father my dream is to pay them studies and get them out of Bulgaria.
But ... ( tears came up to his eyes) you know it's difficult but I'll get there.
I would give my life to help them. 
Next question please Ella.

Me: Is work really hard to find in Bulgaria ?
Alexandre: I had my own business back in Bulgaria . I had a driver business but there is too much corruption.
I had to leave Bulgaria because of the mafia. We don't talk about it enough.
In Bulgaria there is so much corruption, in politics, business ...
I had to leave because of those problems.
France is so much better, Sarkozy does a good job. And the people have been nice to me.
If only I could work here ...But I have no money to start a business.
And I don't have time, I spend the day trying to live already.

Me: Where do you live in Paris ?
Alexandre: I live in the Bois de Vincennes. I live with ten other Bulgarians.
We all have tents. I don't go in the houses for the poor because people steal your stuff.
It's too dangerous, at least in the park you're safe and it's legal.
And when there's sun, I love waking up and looking at the park. It's beautiful.

Me: You told me earlier on,  you were going back to Bulgaria on the 1st of April ?
Me: Yes, I asked help to the Aide aux emmigrés. They gave me 300 euros and paid my ticket back to my home. I am pleased to go back. Because I have a bit of money and I've solved certain problems in Bulgaria. I can't wait to see my children.

Alexandre: You see Ella, this is life. But I'm not cross with life.
Life is beautiful and I'm pleased to be part of it.

Alexandre was a beautiful rencontre.
He taught me a lot and I will miss him.
I will miss to have no one to chat to in the morning.
He is a brave and fantastic man.

I think we all have someone like that around us.
Just a chat makes a difference.

Today I showed an other face of Paris.
A beautiful face of Paris.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Le Paris, France

Paris, the town of Love, Fashion, Art , Architecture ...
Don't we all dream of Paris.
But I want to show you an other face of Paris.
" Le Paris des Parisiens "


Nation a beautiful part of Paris.
But the thing I love about the "Parisiens" is the fact that they walk all the time, young or old.

Or sit and observe ...

Paris is so elegant ...
I love these buildings "Haussmannien"

And this lady is as elegant and matches perfectly to Paris.

I will be doing a couple of posts about Paris.
This one was just a little introduction.
The next posts will be talking about art, architecture, parisiens ...
I hope you will enjoy !